About us


We have been running courses for over 20 years, focusing on self-sufficiency, back to the woods and out of the rat race - we'll teach you to slow down and smell the roses and build the log home of your dreams!

Handcrafted log home building - specialising in Vertical log and French-Canadian Piece-en-Piece was introduced into South Africa in 1991 by Bruce Smith. He spent 12+ year teaching more than 170 courses, about 1,500 students who have built 450+ log homes. Bruce has moved to other parts of the globe sharing his special talents with many other people.

Bill Orton completed one of Bruce’s courses in 1996, and immediately thereafter started his first building, a home he still lives in today. From there he continued to keep in close contact with Bruce, assisting with many courses, then progressing to teaching on his own.

For a few years, due to various reasons, not the least the fact that Bruce decided to emigrate, the school has been in a holding pattern. Now however, we are pleased to announce that this amazing life changing opportunity is once again available to you. 

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